How we're working to keep you safe - COVID-19 INFO

When it comes to information, you can never really have too much! This section is dedicated to bringing you more in depth information that you may need. From policies to practices, this section is here for you to learn all about how we're working to keep you as as safe and comfortable during your treatments at aPeel Skin Spa 


We are open! 


Please read the new policies.


Subject to change as new information is released from the CDC, State of Wisconsin Department of Health and other trusted sources.


  • Masks are no longer required.
  • Please wait inside the spa waiting area until I call you in for your appointment. 
  • Safer Checkout Options are in place we do accept cash payment.

This information may change often as new best practices and guidelines are issued.

Please check back before your visit text or call 414-477-9220 with questions.  

 Karen K. Brost, L.E., C.O.E  Owner, aPeel Skin Spa LLC