Changing the way you treat your skin.

I am a Licensed Aesthetician serving the Milwaukee, WI area. Providing discreet treatments that get great results, You'll be amazed at how great your skin can look and feel after just one treatment.

My approach during facials and skin care services is more clinical and results oriented. If you're looking to improve your skin's appearance I'm your gal!  

The following amenities and conveniences are offered to make your time with me more enjoyable:

  • Ample Parking
  • Convenient Location 
  • Complimentary Beverages
  • All major credit cards accepted as well as checks and cash
  • Secure payment processing 

Read our complete cancellation policy at the bottom of our services page. 

Children under 12
As we are creating an adult atmosphere, out of respect for others, we ask that anyone younger than 12 have a guardian with them that is not receiving a service.  This assures you get the full benefit of your treatment as well as respecting others in the spa.

Featured Items & Specials

The Plasma Fusion Facial Photo

The Plasma Fusion Facial

This Red Carpet  facial is designed to give instant results with cumulative benefits.  With just the right combination of relaxation and rejuvenation The Plasma Fusion Facial  brings all of the best modalities at aPeel Skin Spa together including our  newest HydroGlo Ultimate,  R/F Fractional Lifting and Permeating modalities,  Nano-Meso Technology. Viktoria DeAnn Peptide Serums, a Magical Sheet Mask and 20 minutes of  anti-aging Red LED (aka the LED nap... we won't tell if you snore).  AKA The "Holy Sh_t" My skin looks fabulous facial! Perfect before an event - holiday party - family photos  Smooths fine lines  Brightens and deeply hydrates giving you that glow from within Your skin will glow without feeling "greasy or shiny" Not just another "Fluffy Facial" Improves skin health at a cellular level  Call/Text 414-477-9220 to schedule   Please allow 90+ minutes    $225

Glow and Go! 

Glow and Go! 

 No more dull dry flaky skin! This popular combo will reveal younger healthy skin in minutes! Double Facial Cleanse Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion Lactic Peel  Soothing Mask with optional Warm (RF) & Cool (HF) Treatment Eye Mousse , Skin Firming Peptide Moisturizer and Signature Buffed Sunscreen Application Call or Text 414-477-9220 to Schedule your Glo and Go Facial $150  

Consultation  Photo


It's important for me to learn about your history, lifestyle and expectations in order to better serve you.  An in person consultation is required prior to your first skincare treatment at aPeel Skin Spa.   Consultation charge may be applied to your treatment.   Welcoming New Clients by Referral        

The Hydro Glo Facial + Peel       Photo

The Hydro Glo Facial + Peel      

Completely Customized to Deeply Clean Pores  and Rejuvenate Skin  Sensitive - Rosacea Congested - clogged pores - large pores Dry - Flaky - Dull Complexion Fine Lines - Dehydrated Skin - Dark Circles  HydroDermabrasion with a silicone and diamond tip to extract and clear pores. Nano/Meso infusion to deeply hydrate and plump fine lines - this is a non-invasive delivery system that insures absorption of nutrients. It has built-in pump to dispense the serum and circular bipolar microcurrent that promotes absorption of any formula by breaking down molecules into smaller fragments that are of suitable size for absorption across cell membranes.  HydraBright or BetaClarity Gentle Peel Application Hot/Cool Radio Frequency tightens and lifts and feels wonderful.

Karen Brost, L.E., C.O.E Photo

Karen Brost, L.E., C.O.E

EstheticianAfter working with a well known group of cosmetic & plastic surgeons for many years  I decided  to open aPeel Skin Spa.  You’ll be surprised at the difference just one professional skincare treatment makes. 

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