FAQs The Basics

Q: I'm not sure what to schedule?  
A: If it's your first visit at aPeel Skin Spa a  Consultation is your best
    bet. We'll talk about your skincare goals and needs and come up with a plan just
    for you.  

Q: What does an Esthetician do and why do I need to visit one?
A: Estheticians are Skin Care Specialists. Trained to provide skincare treatments such      
    as facials, waxing, and many other skin treatments to help you achieve healthy, clear,
    more even toned skin. We also are trained in makeup application.
    Along with your hairstylist and manicurist seeing your esthetician is an essential
    part of your whole beauty routine

Q: I can't afford it! Isn't this only for the rich and famous?
A: At aPeel Skin Spa I will work with you to provide treatments within your budget.
    Packages, in house financing, and Specials offer great savings.

Q: Should I tip? And...how much!
A: That's totally up to you. If you can afford it and loved your treatment a tip is
     appreciated. But, if money's tight I would rather you spend it on a skincare    
     product, or save it for your next treatment. 

Q: I'm not sure the products I bought are working? 
A: Call - Text - Email I want to help you! If you don't like the products bring them
     back!! I want you to love your products and how your skin looks and feels from
     using them.


FAQ's Treatments and Products

Q: Do you customize your facials?
A: Yes! Every treatment is customized for your individual skin type and treatment
     goals. We even customize the aromatherapy and warm towels for you.

Q: I always break out after a facial! Can you prevent that?
A: We'll talk about this during your consultation, I am usually able to prevent post
    facial breakouts! 

Q:My skin is sensitive! Can you help?
A:Yes! Hale and Hush Skincare products work quickly to calm reactive skin. We offer    
    facials for sensitive skin as well as those undergoing treatment for cancer.

Q: What skincare products do you offer?
A: We retail Hale & Hush (Oncology/Sensitive Skin), SkinScript Rx, Revision Skincare, Skin For Life, LUX MD, and aPeel SkinCare 

Q: What are the most popular skincare treatment modalities?
A: Enzyme Facials, Lunchtime Peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, HIFU Lift. 

Q: Do you offer waxing?
A: I do eyebrow touch ups, lip, chin, and nose waxing.  

Q: I want a spa facial hand,foot, scalp massage .do you offer that?
A: Clinical treatments that focus on results are my forte.

Q: I'm interested in Chemical Peels but I don't know what to expect? 
A: I offer many different types of Chemical Peels. Depending on your skin type and
    what you're looking for there are chemical peels for almost everyone. During our
    consultation we'll look an before and after photos. I'll walk you through your peel  
    step by step. 

FAQ's kids, clothes and spa-hair

Q: I can't get a baby sitter! Can I bring my kids?
A: For the quiet comfort of other guests at River Point Spa we ask that you 
    reschedule your appointment for a time when you can get someone to watch your
    little ones.

Q: What should I wear? 
A: Most treatments can be done with you fully dressed. A protective towel will be
    used to keep your top clean and a bonnet or headband will keep your hair from   
    getting wet.

Q: I'm worried about what my hair will look like after a visit, what should I do?
A: I make every effort to keep your hairstyle intact, sometimes you might want to
    bring a hat! There's also an opportunity to schedule an appointment to have your  
    hair styled by one of the expert hairdressers on site.