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Beginning September 1 2019    We'll be making some changes to the long standing specials and promotions we offer. Watch your email or check back here for the details. 

Professional Exfoliation Treatments.  Save 25% on your first treatment. 

Exfoliation is why I created aPeel Skin Spa.

Professional exfoliation is the key to smooth skin. 

It's what I do best. 

Offer may not be combined with any other discount or special.  Restrictions may apply.

First Time/New Clients Only.

Call or Text 414-477-9220 schedule your free consultation and learn more about how professional skincare treatments can improve your skin.

Express Peptide Facial  $55

Experience our Newest Product Line Viktoria DeAnn Peptides

An Express 30 minute facial to showcase how these protein powerhouses will generate real change in the health of your skin. 

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Act Now! Offer Ends: 9/30/2019

Golden Honey and Crisp Apple Facial   $75

A delight for your senses as well as your skin! Experience our newest Limited Edition Facial .

We'll begin with our signature double facial cleanse. Apple Orchard Enzyme is lightly brushed on your skin, followed by steam and a light facial massage . Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants, as well as naturally-occurring malic acid to assist in exfoliation. 

Peptide Serum Infusion and Jojoba Honey Elixer Infusion will leave your skin more luminous, smooth and lifted. 

Delightful Golden Honey Nourishing Mask will help detoxify, aid in cellular regeneration and help reveal a more even skin tone . 

Topped off with a light application of moisturizer, eye serum and sunscreen you'll leave relaxed and refreshed. 

Call/Text 414-477-9220 to schedule.

Perk up up your tired face with our Toasted Coconut & Coffee Facial.  $100

This Facial will "perk up" your neglected skin .  

You'll be pampered with our double facial cleanse, essential oil infused warm towels and our signature Far Infrared Dome providing  gentle warmth to help you relax. 

Coconut & Papaya  gentle enzyme lightly massaged into the skin under steam relaxes away tension while increasing cell renewal.

Oxygen Serum Infusion is perfect for deep-down skin hydration and rejuvenation. Slightly pressurized oxygen assists the delivery and diffusion of active ingredients inside the high-end serums to instantly soften visible signs of aging and improve natural hydration of the skin’s deeper layers. Considered a go-to treatment among celebrities, Oxygen Serum Infusion can provide a much-needed boost of energy before a wedding, public appearance, or many other special events.

Arabica Coffee Bean Mask is a antioxidant rich treatment designed to calm the skin reducing inflammation and leaving your face soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. 


Microdermabrasion  or Dermaplaning may be added to this facial for $25


Call 414-477-9220 to schedule - Expires October 1, 2019


Act Now! Offer Ends: 10/1/2019

The "You Decide" but I know I need something Facial at aPeel Skin Spa

You tell me how much time you have and how much you'd like to spend. 

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes  - $160

If you've read about all the different Modalities and have no clue which ones would be best for your skin, you're not alone! Just tell me what your main issues are with your skin and we'll take it from there. 

Call-Text 414-477-9220 to schedule

You'll love how your skin looks when you step out of our door!

This facial is designed to give instant results with cumulative benefits.  The Plasma Lifting Facial  uses our Plamere Fractional Lifting and Permeating modalities as well as LEAF Microcurrent Technology. Viktoria DeAnn Peptide Serums, a Magical Sheet Mask as well as anti-aging Red LED.  

You'll love how much better your skin looks when you step outside and it'll look even better the next day.  Take home a Viktoria DeAnnLift & Tone Skincare Kit ($190) and extend your results. 

  • Smooths fine lines 
  • Lifts and tightens the face neck and jowl area
  • Your skin will glow without feeling "greasy or shiny"
  • Improve skin health at a cellular level with daily use of Viktoria DeAnn Lift & Tone Kit 

90 minutes  $175  Save $50 with purchase of the Viktoria Deann Lift & Tone Kit ($190) 

Call/Text 414-477-9220 to schedule

Act Now! Offer Ends: 9/30/2019

Fibroblast Plasma Treatment to Improve Skin Texture


This new  treatment is a huge step forward in aesthetic technology. In as little as one treatment, the skin is instantly tightened and you’re left with a more youthful look. It works by shrinking and shortening the skin fibers, lifting the skin. No knives, no surgery.  This  treatment involves use of high voltage, low current electrical energy that essentially creates a ‘spark’ over the treatment area. The spark is the result of electrical energy interacting with specific gases in the air (or delivered to the tip of the device). When this interaction occurs, plasma energy is created. 

Plasma is considered the fourth state of matter and can be effectively harnessed as a cosmetic treatment tool. The underlying skin responds to this plasma spark by tightening up, or contracting. This causes a fairly immediate effect in terms of skin tightening. Following this, a second phase of healing unfolds where new collagen is formed by the body to further help in the process of rejuvenation. Since this involves activation of fibroblast cells under the skin, Some will refer to fibroblast skin tightening as plasma skin tightening.

The end result is a smoothing of the skin in some areas, lifting of the tissue in other areas and/or a combination of these two effects. The beauty of this technology is that the entire treatment can be performed without any cutting of the skin, removal of skin or injection into the skin.

Post treatment skin care products are included in treatment pricing. 

Individual results may vary. Touch-up or maintenance treatments may be needed for forehead, crows feet and other highly expressive areas.  

Schedule your appointment to see if Fibroblast Plasma Skin Treatments can help you. Call 414-477-9220.

Bring A Friend

We truly appreciate and value word of mouth referrals. If you refer a friend to aPeel Skin Spa you'll get $10 off your next treatment. Make sure they mention your name when they come in. Discount not valid until your friend has completed their appointment.