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Microdermabrasion Facial $55

Relax and enjoy this classic facial.

Our Single Modality Microdermabrasion Facial includes; Facial Cleansing, Microdermabrasion, Warm Aromatic towels, Customized Mask, Moisturizer, Eye Serum and Sunscreen application. 

Our DiamondTome Microdermabrasion gently removes the damaged outer layer of your skin to reveal a more healthy complexion underneath. DiamondTome accomplishes this by gently buffing the surface with natural diamond chips and vacuuming away dead cells to smooth and soften the skin. This process also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface, which works to accelerate cellular turnover and encourage the growth of new collagen, creating a healthier complexion from the inside out. 

Microdermabraion is easily adapted to most all skin types, but those with eczema or dermatitis, very active acne, and some types of Rosacea should not receive treatment. Please remember to stop using Retin-A or Retinoids prior to your treatment.  

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Pimple Popper Special! (Deep Pore Cleansing) $75

Stop picking your face - That's my job.

I'll try and be gentle with the extractions after your customized facial cleansing and light facial massage. Eucalyptus and cool minty camphor will soften plugged pores. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory High-Frequency zaps those deep painful "under the skin" pimples and helps kill acne causing bacteria. Finished with a light skin soothing mask and cool cryo-globe massage.  Anti-Bac Light Moisturizer and SPF (that won't make you break out).

Popular add on to this 20 minutes of Anti-Bacterial BLUE LED (aka LED Nap). $25

The most amazing results I've seen yet...

LIFT by SkinSheek High Intensity Focused Ultrasound a.k.a (HIFU)  gives immediate results that improve over the next 6-8 weeks.   On average 2 - 4 treatments are needed (8 - 10 weeks apart) to get to goal. Most people need just 1 yearly treatment to maintain results. 

I've some really good before and after pictures of clients that I've treated.  

Special Pricing is available. Save even more with a prepaid package.

These results are after just 2 treatments focused on the jowl, jawline. 


  • Natural results that last for years
  • No Surgery
  • No Recovery Time
  • No Needles
  • Safe and Effective
  • No Discomfort
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Act Now! Offer Ends: 8/31/2020

The "You Decide" but I know I need something Facial at aPeel Skin Spa

You tell me how much time you have and how much you'd like to spend. 

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes  - $160

If you've read about all the different Modalities on our Services Page and have no clue which ones would be best for your skin, you're not alone! Just tell me what your main issues are with your skin and we'll take it from there. 

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Act Now! Offer Ends: 8/31/2020

Body Art Aesthetics - Tattoo Brightening

A Diamondtome exfoliation treatment can renew the colors in a tattoo, resurface the skin, and more importantly, it’s painless! It is definitely nothing compared to the process of getting the tattoo, an exfoliation treatment will keep skin supple and soft long term. Over time a tattoo can appear dull and faded due to the accumulating dry, dead skin. Using one of our diamond tipped body wands on that older ink, can bring those old, faded tattoos back to life in just a matter of minutes. 

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What will it look like when I come in for a facial treatment?

  • Please wait in your car or outside the salon main area. I will call or text you when I'm ready for your appointment. 
  • You must wear a mask or cloth facial covering in the common areas at the salon/spa.
  • I will be wearing a mask during your treatment. 
  • No food or drink allowed inside. No exceptions.
  • One person at a time. Please do not bring friends or family.
  • If you are experiencing flu like symptoms you'll be asked to reschedule.