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Rejuvapen NXT Microneedling


Rejuvapen NXT is a remarkable, non-laser, non-surgical treatment that causes skin to stimulate collagen production and fresh, new tissue. Skin tightens; wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation significantly diminish; pores become finer, and the overall health and circulation of the skin is improved.

While the technology has been around for a while, Rejuvapen NXT  has developed a remarkable method of improving the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks as well as fine lines and wrinkles. By creating tiny channels, or micro-injuries on your skin, the RejuvaPen’s micro-needling process stimulates your skin to repair itself, creating new collagen without any scar formation.  Unlike other microneedling treatments Rejuvapin NXT TruVertical is a stamping technique that does not drag the needles across the skin tearing and causing damage. 


REJUVAPEN NXT is the best solution if you're looking to wear less makeup. Just a tinted sunscreen and your favorite  lip gloss will be all you're wearing this summer! 


Add  Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Serum and DEJ Daily Boosting Serum  plus  the all new CMT Post Procdure Cream $300.

These products  will give you optimal results.  You'll use them in between treatments day and night.   The CMT Cream will speed healing, reduce  down time , your skin will recover much faster allowing you to live your life.  

FREE Revision Skincare Youthful Lip Replenisher  "Plumper"  ($40 Value) with your Pre/Post Care Products. 


Fun Fact  Rejuvapen and Revision Skin Care are both proudly manufactured in the USA 


Consultation required.  Call 414-477-9220 to schedule


Act Now! Offer Ends: 5/31/2024

New! From Revision Skincare - CMT Post Procedure Cream

Available in spa  only. This is a Post treatment Cream for Chemical Peels, Microneeling and Fibroblast Treatments.

Cost is $66  

This breakthrough formula targets the pathways that trigger communication between the skin and the brain, interrupting the skin’s discomfort cycle by increasing beta-endorphins and suppressing the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) to reduce discomfort while helping support regenerating the epidermal barrier so compromised skin can recover faster.




The "You Decide" but I know I need something Facial at aPeel Skin Spa 

If you've read about all the different Modalities on our Services Page and have no clue which ones would be best for your skin, you're not alone! Just tell me what your main issues are with your skin and we'll take it from there.

Expect to spend about 60 minutes to 90+ minutes with me depending on which modalities we decide will be best that day.

60 Minute Dual Modality $125 - 90 Minute Multi Modality $175  

Call-Text 414-477-9220 to schedule or book online